Notes and Bolts: Gnarly Slivers 001

Gnarly Slivers is a new bi-weekly mixtape podcast series from Notes and Bolts. The mixtape podcast features Chicago bands hand-selecting a playlist featuring other Chicago bands. Notes and Bolts mixes it all up with “film samples, incidental music, bizarre echo and reverb, and all sorts of other sonic wizardry. In other words, a true mixtape in every way but that it’s not on a physical cassette!”

From Notes and Bolts:

“Inspired by overloading on truckloads of hip hop mixes, Diplo tapes, and countless teenage nights binging out to those late night megamix things that we all used to hear on pop radio, Gnarly Slivers is the latest project from N+B highlighting the beyond vast trove of Chicago artists that are making this city rad!”

For the inaugural mixtape, Fake Limbs did the choosing while Notes and Bolts did the mixing!

Give it a listen here.

Track List:

1.) Fake Limbs – Kill The Mouth
2.) Blizzard Babies – Drive Me Mad
3.) The Cell Phones – French Door
4.) Walking Bicycles – Badada
5.) The Life and Times – Day One
6.) Fake Limbs – Your Comments Are Atrocious
7.) Bear Claw – Without The Sun
8.) The Martha’s Vineyard Ferries – One White Swan
9.) Blasted Diplomats – Morningstars and Maces
10.) 97-Shiki – Dinner Plate
11.) My Canadian Girlfriend – Pirate
12.) Fake Limbs – Hanging Kudzu
13.) Split Feet – It Broke Once
14.) Nonagon – Elvis
15.) Radiant Republic of Texas – Untitled
16.) Fake Limbs – Green Chartreuse

Upcoming Shows!

In two weeks, we’ll be invading the UP with many of our friends for PRFBBQ 2013: Thundersnow. If we make it out alive, we’ll be back on the road in March. Heading out with us will be our STL buds, Jack Buck. First we’ll be coming back to Milwaukee to play Quarters, then off to Kenosha and Grand Rapids, MI.

April will be very exciting. Our other buddy band and BLVD labelmates, Blizzard Babies, will be joining us at the Empty Bottle in support of Pissed Jeans. So excited for that! Not to stop the party, we’ll be riding the wave through the weekend for Record Store Day, playing a day show at Chicago’s Saki Records.

Who knows what the rest of the year will bring. We’ve gotten pretty lucky so far! Check out our shows page for details and updates.