The Struggle of Man and Beast

Friends, fans, enemies, lovers: I have a new guitar.  Not just any guitar, this guitar.  Oh, she is a beaut.  I mean what is that?  Snakeskin?  Leopard print?  What misanthropic geneticist didst commingle, in Satan’s crucible, these two beasts, and to what end?  The line, my friends, between madness and genius is thin.

I must admit that I fear that I may not be sufficiently equipped to wield such an ax.  Am I the Arthur to this Excalibur or will I be crushed under the immeasurable mass of its mightiness?  Will it even allow me to touch it, let alone play it, or will it smite me for my impetuousness and arrogance?

These are questions that I cannot yet answer.  Despite my fears and my apprehension I know that my destiny is intertwined with that of this magnificent and terrifying creature.  We will rule together or one of us will die.

Come see us Thursday at Quenchers to witness this ultimate battle between man and beast.

Thanks to Greg and EA for making this match!