Fall Tour with Bully!

Friends! Fanatics! True Believers!

So, years ago Sowley met this young woman named Alicia, and they became friends fast. When Alicia left Chicago they both cried. After Alicia moved to Nashville, she formed a band called BULLY, and lo and behold everyone loves BULLY now.

Last May, Fake Limbs had the honor of opening for Bully here in Chicago; turns out everyone in both bands got along really well, so we partied hard and hugged and laughed and we all waved goodbye to our Nashville friends. Somewhere in the cups the words “lets go on tour together!” were slurred, but we put it out of our heads and carried on.

Well, now it’s time. We’re going out on the road with our friends and we couldn’t be more excited.

The dates are below: if you want to show us around, or let us sleep on your floor, hit us up– fakelimbs@fakelimbs.com

09/18/15 Fri       Cleveland OH                    Beachland Tavern

09/19/15 Sat       Hudson NY                        Club Helsinki

09/20/15 Sun     Montreal QC                      Pop Montreal

09/21/15 Mon    Toronto ON                         The Garrison

09/22/15 Tue     Ferndale MI                       The Loving Touch


10/07/15 Wed     St Louis MO                      Off Broadway

10/08/15 Thu     Lawrence KS                      Bottleneck

10/09/15 Fri       Chicago IL                          Lincoln Hall

10/10/15 Sat       Iowa City IA                       The Mill

10/11/15 Sun      Madison WI                        The Frequency

10/12/15 Mon    Minneapolis MN                7th Street Entry

10/13/15 Tue      Fargo ND                             Aquarium


Hello Friends!

It has been a minute. After a grueling three week tour of various Chicago neighborhoods, we’re in the shelter, getting fit and active. We’re a couple weeks out, but we’re happy to announce that we–Fake Limbs–will be participating in the first ever Louisville edition of the PRF BBQ!

Over Labor Day weekend (September 4th, 5th and 6th) We will be in the beautiful city of Louisville, in a celebration of rock, art, creative expression and love.

You can find all the information you need here, but we can tell you that Fake Limbs will be performing Saturday, September 5th at the Cure Lounge. We are beyond excited to share the weekend with our many amazing and talented brothers and sisters.

If that wasn’t enough, Bryan’s other band–Burn Permits–will be playing the same day! How does he do it?!

What? You want more? Well, what if we told you that Sowley will be playing records of the boogie and hip shaking variety that same day? We know, we know…the Cure Lounge will probably fall apart under the weight of such goodness.

So get a ticket! You can hear a little slice of every band performing right here! We look forward to seeing you all in The Ville!


Oh boy it’s been a long time since we’ve updated this! We’re not dead, we just suck at internet!

We’re playing TONIGHT 5-27-15 at the Empty Bottle with Bully.

Then we’re playing Wed 6-17-15 again at the Bottle for the Glitter Creeps party.

THEN we’re playing Sat. 6-27-15 at Sub-T  Downstairs with Broken Prayer and Split Feet! (17+)

THEN we’re playing Sat 7-25-15 at the Bridgeport Public Library (afternoon show, all ages)

Lastly, we’re playing Thur 7-30-15 at Emporium (Wicker Park) with Rad Payoff, Lardo, and Oscillator Bug.


Sorry, no tour this summer. See you out there!